DeWalta & Mike Shannon Live + djs set

A breathy saxophone bleats somewhere off in space while a mad scientist feverishly turns knobs and flips switches. Theirs is a retrofuturistic vessel and, in case the slicked-back hair and gleaming Clubmasters hadn’t given it away, you’re in for one smooth ride. Or are you?

Authors of an electrifying live act that hasn’t even seen it’s second anniversary, DeWalta & Shannon can safely say they’ve concocted a sound so unequivocally their own, you’d be hard-pressed to draw a blank when confronted with any of their creations. Masters of the fat, rolling bass line and the stripped-back soundscape in equal measure, D&S infuse a seldom-seen maturity into the phenomenon of a live instrument at a party, not least thanks to a badass modular setup and a certain explosive chemistry they’ve been gracious enough to take from the studio to the stage.

Whether classically trained or the bearer of a master’s degree in dance floor science, DeWalta & Shannon seem to revel in hinting at these backgrounds while simultaneously throwing convention out the window. Jazz, techno, ambient: expect the unexpected, and be assured that you’ll want more.