Born in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Tijany Bacci was first introduced to the audio-visual world as a boom recorder in 2006. He will then start composing for commercial movies, which will become his main job. The next year, with his longtime friend Lawrence Bamberger, he founds Chic and the Tramp, an electro-pogo duo whose got great support from big names like Justice or The Bloody Beetroots. They will have the chance to play more than 200 gigs around Switzerland and Europe. In 2013, Tijany started making waves as an electronic solo producer with his project Litkis. The song “Your Ghost“ has been programmed on different main Swiss radios such as Couleur3. In parallel, Tijany built his own recording studio which will help him going deeper into experimentation and rise his music to a new level. AUST, his most personal and resulted project came to life in 2015 although it was growing in his head for years. The project has new musical ambitions and the desire to explore and master different musical styles. The debut EP “Lost and Found“ received great support from several music channels and blogs. The track “Time (feat.Brittney Bouchard)“ reached the 56th rank in USA electronic TOP 100 and “14“ now cumulates more than 450’000 plays on Spotify. It is now followed by two new EPs: “HED“ and “ORA“. Two tracks from the last one, “Nacre“ and “The Mission“ are now programmed on Couleur3. The track “Sunrise“ got supported by Electro Posé and was played more than 80’000 times in a month. In 2017, Tijany started in partnership with Florian Fatton (Toast Prod.), the creation of a live concept based on visuals. The goal was to amplify every song of the live with its own visual universe. For that purpose, they followed two simple rules: Every creation has to be made in-house and shoot on video camera. It results in a strong and immersive one hour live show. AUST takes place in this emerging emotional electronic scene that is not exclusively dedicated to clubbing. His compositions melt synthetic and organic sounds with elaborated melodies. The songs are relatively complex but look surprisingly spontaneous to hears. The result is a joyfully melancholic universe that invites you to a pictorial journey.