Astronomy nights

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On the night of the total eclipse of the moon, and also the night of shooting stars, the Cry d’Er terrace will be transformed into a planetarium ! The French-speaking Valais Astronomy Society will offer a chance to learn more about these magnificent phenomena and to observe them more closely. With an astronomy-themed meal.

On 27 July, a special evening will be organised on the night of the total eclipse of the moon. Transport up the mountain will be free for anyone with a day pass, other cable car pass or a MagicPass.

PRICE With abo or Magic Pass Without pass Magic Pass + diner Without pass + diner
Adults 20.- 35.- 75.- 90.-
Children 5.- 10.- 40.- 45.-

The ski lifts will be running continuously until 21.30, the last uphill trip. A menu will be offered at the Cry d’Er restaurant for 55.-. (starter, main, dessert) Last trip down is at 23.45. To check whether the activity will be running, call the following number from 12:00 onwards on the day +41 27 399 28 09

On 10 August, the night of shooting stars will take place in a more intimate setting at Bella-Lui. Transport up by Jeep and observation is 25.- for adults and 10.- for children. Minimum 5 people / Maximum 12 people